Pinch to Zoom Podcast

A bi-weekly podcast taking a look at the latest tech news, products and trends.

About the Pinch to Zoom Podcast

Explore the world of tech with this bi-weekly podcast hosted by tech YouTubers Gabe Shakour & Stetson Doggett. Covering everything from the everyday to cutting edge, they’ll keep you up to date on the latest tech news, products and trends. Whether you use technology just as a consumer or for your creative endeavors — “Pinch To Zoom” will help you navigate the ever changing world of tech.


About the Hosts

Gabe Shakour

Gabe is the creator behind Digital Tech Reviews & Tips and runs the associated tech YouTube channel. Gabe focuses on technology for creators – cameras, drones, mics, etc. — and is both a licensed drone pilot and paid social media consultant.

Follow Gabe: @gshak33 (🐦) • @gabeshakour (🌄)

Stetson Doggett

Stetson is passionate about helping people save money on cell service. He designed and built – a website designed to make it easy to compare plans – and reviews cell phone plans on his YouTube channel.

Follow Stetson: @stetsondoggett (🐦) • @stetsondoggett (🌄)